Window Cleaning: A Professional Job
Done Right the First Time

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Windows Dirty?

Are grimy windows clouding your view of the world, leaving your beautiful home’s exterior less than ideal?  Are you tired of dragging an awkward ladder around the house in an attempt to reach second-story windows only to find your cleaning attempts leave the windows covered in streaks?  It’s time to put down the paper towels, put away the ladder, pick up the phone and call Richard at Southern Pro Clean today for a fast and free estimate.

Call a Professional

If you are like most homeowners, the idea of washing all the windows in your home is a daunting task, especially those hard-to-reach windows on the second and third floors.  Not only is it frustrating to work for hours to achieve nothing but streaky windows, it is also dangerous for an inexperienced window washer to maintain the cleaner, towels, and her balance on a ladder while cleaning windows.  Richard is an experienced professional who can handle your residential and commercial window washing needs.

Our Thorough Process

At Southern Pro Clean we have the proper equipment to ensure your windows receive a streak-free shine.  Our process begins with applying a commercial grade, environmentally safe window-cleaning solution to your panes with a soft, cloth strip washer.  We then scrub and loosen the dirt from each pane of glass, leaving your windows with a clear shine.  Our service doesn’t stop there.  Because we take pride in our work, treating your home as if it were our own, we always go the extra mile.  We also wipe all seals and frames ridding them of dirt and spider webs.

Bonded and Insured, Safety First

Because safety is our priority at Southern Pro clean, we fit our ladders with stabilizing equipment that ensures our safety and the safety of your home by protecting the ladder-contact points on your roof and home exterior.  Southern Pro Clean is also fully bonded and insured.  We also offer window washing for low-rise commercial buildings.  If you’re tired of clumsy ladders and risky attempts to clean your windows, only to find your hard work covered in a streaky film, then it is time to call the professionals: Richard at Southern Pro Clean.  With our free estimate the only thing you stand to lose are those dirty windows.  Brighten your home with a call to Southern Pro Clean today.